Aside the “all knowing devil” that we cannot see vividly with our eyes, Anas is next when it comes to evil mendacities. Where did we go wrong as Africans, perhaps, Ghanaians to have such an Agent whose main motive is to be BLACKMAILING his fellow Ghanaians for money? Where did we also go wrong to be Africans where Majority accept baseless stories on first seen without verification? I say this because Anas Aremeyaw Anas has deceived Ghanaians for far too long, and its about time we unveiled him and his evil intentions to amass wealth for himself. As I speak, many are those that had already fallen into his evil traps and could not utter a word because they refused to pay what he wanted from them. Is this what we call “Journalism”? If so, then we are lost as created thinking beings on this planet.

I am a Ghanaian, a Youth leader and I strongly oppose corruption, as such, I see any attempt to enrich oneself in a dubious manner as evil deed. Likewise, the manner in which Anas Aremeyaw Anas is always blackmailing many “suppose corrupt men” to enrich himself is also an evil one and must be kicked against. Of course, many people see him as a saint, but an evil in white cassock. He goes round with cameras to take pictures/videos of people he claims to be corrupt and turn to use those videos/pictures to make money from them. Those that will pay would be set free whiles those that cannot pay according to his demands would be telecasted as corrupt citizens outlet. This is where we have arrived at.  A country where corrupt individuals like Anas and his blackmailing brigadiers are seen as “modern day saints” of the land. I am not surprised that the Whites are hailing him because the Whites usually use black people to blackmail their fellow blacks whiles the unaffected ones laugh alongside.

I suggest, that we question Anas on his methodological principles of his expositions.  Why does he edit all the Videos that he comes out with and what goes on behind the scenes that we do not know?
If we have Judges who punish corrupt individuals and are known and seen by face, why can’t he (Anas) be seen/known if he thinks he is doing genuine works for mother Ghana and Africa at large.

Can Anas tell Ghanaians why he edits his part of conversation and each time, and how would I be convinced that he never blackmailed the victims of something that he created out of his evil mendaciousness?

Anyway, until I get answers to the above questions, I stand to say that Anas is not credible enough to be believed on further expositions.

Let us rise above mischiefs
Let us oppose blackmailers


OBENG DANIEL (Barrister)