A few days ago, news broke that Tiger Eye PI Group CEO Anas Aremeyaw Anas’s working relationship with the BBC has been shattered following the rejection of his proposal to investigate corruption cases in some selected institutions in the UK.

BBC which has always been partners with Tiger Eye PI in investigating corrupt cases in Africa rejected the proposal, according to reports.

The institutions Anas allegedly proposed to investigate include:

The UK political class (leaders and politicians) who influence/facilitate, or benefit from the continuous looting of Africa’s resources?;


Corruption and match-fixing in the English Premier League; and racial abuses in UK universities (focusing on lecturers and university authorities).

Meanwhile, BBC after providing financial and technical assistance to Anas to target and expose corruption in Africa allegedly rejected the proposal from Anas to investigate the UK.

According to reports, the British Broadcasting Corporation told Anas that the exposé will not be in the interest of the BBC and that of the UK.

It also claims Anas refused to be part of the ‘Sex for Grades’ exposé in Ghana and Nigeria because he was not granted the opportunity to investigate the UK.