The Auditor-General Daniel Domelevo says his desire to fight corruption has been heightened by the abject poverty he had witnessed across the country in one of his recent travels. “…Anytime I travel outside Accra my resolve to fight corruption becomes higher because I can see the poverty everywhere, it is not acceptable,” he stated Monday at the launch of the payroll verification process for government workers at Elmina in the Central Region.

“You look at schools and you say, is that to be called school? You see police offices and you will say is that a police office? Are they living in the prison or police office? You look at everything and say what is wrong with this country? In the midst of plenty we are living in abject poverty because a few people greedily take everything for themselves and they don’t care about us,” bemoaned Mr. Domelevo before pledging to ruthlessly fight the canker.

Mr. Domelevo who last year, surcharged some four public officials for allegedly causing financial loss to the state in fulfilment of an order by the Supreme Court did not mince words when he stated at the launch “we owe it a duty to ourselves to stand up and fight against this [corruption]. That is why I am fighting and I’ll be a very happy man if I die doing the right thing so I don’t fear.”

Source: Kelvin Malor/