The main reasons for rural-urban migration are as a result of the search for good education, work and good health care.

For so many years now, no government has been successful in the attempt to minimize rural-urban migration.

In my opinion, one of the infallible ways to minimize rural-urban migration is to construct modern railways and procure speedy trains to connect rural communities to the cities.

Though some previous Leaders constructed railways, the trains provided are too “slow in motion”. If a speedy train can way fare from far distance and within 2-3 hours arrive in the cities, then there’s no need for individuals to persistently stay in Accra or any other city to pay huge amount on house rent for survival.

Accra and Kumasi respectively are chocked with filth and Human beings emerging from different towns and villages. There are multiples of villages that contribute tremendously to agriculture but because of the bad nature of roads and rampant increase in lorry fares, the crops farmers cultivate are either rotten or sold at a cheap price.


If trains can move within the nooks and crannies in these areas, youth can easily engage in agriculture that the government has been calling for. There will be no need for workers to necessarily live in cities to report early at work.

This will help the villages to develop, ephemeral crops can be sold in cities at their natural state and the cities will be free from dense population and street children.

In synopsis, this initiative is not only going to assist the towns and villages in development but also attract a wider aggregate to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

By: Anyormi Gershon / UPD Writers Club