The image many people have of Ernesto Yeboah, is one what was imprinted a little over a month ago, as he interrupted Hon. KT Hammond’s explanation of his earlier statement that, “Parliamentarians will not sit under trees”. During a recent interview with veteran Broadcaster David Ampofo on Time With David, a calm Ernesto was taken back to the moment he was dramatically taken out of parliament and into custody, for disrupting proceedings.

During the interview on the first episode of an all-new Time With David season, CiC of Economic Fighters League explained that he resorted to a dramatic form of protest, “Because “they” were so dramatic in their stealing”.

When quizzed further on the issue of building a new parliamentary chamber, Ernesto maintained a view that it is an absolutely needless expense. “When was the last time the British Parliament for instance, saw a renovation? Let alone the building of a new chamber?”, Ernesto probed in his defense.