Episode 5

Open the door nah bro of life dress up daddy is calling you
Me: are you mad what did you mean by that (I no go carry last naw)
AR: you think I no see two of you
Me: mumu boy we are only discussing about school
By this time we’ve already dress up she open the door
AR: then what takes you so long
Me: none of your business and get out
We all move downstairs back into the garden we met oga and madam sitting beside each other
Me: oga you called for me
Mr olawale: don’t call me that me and my wife have decided to take you and your brother as our son so we are your new mum anddad
Me: (suprised) what!!! T……h…….a……n…..k y…..o……u sir
Madam: don’t be suprise you are too handsome to be use as housemaid my son anything you want or need just go to your dad or me
Me: thank you sir thank you ma
Mum and dad: you are welcome my dear
Tonia: so in short he would be my brother naw and would be living with us till we all grow up
Mum: exactly my dear
She jumped up out of joy and hug me I don’t know why she is that happy
Tonia: common give sister a hug naw
Me: no other choice than to cooperate with her
Tonia: (whispers into my ear) we just getting started
Me: so that why you are happy right I would teach you a lesson
Tonia: I also want that lesson The hug is now getting longer than normal so I break it my bro is just keep touching tana’s cheek as if he wanted to kiss her that morning me and my bro were served our food I ate 2 plate of rice while my bro ate 3 and a half no be our fault so later in the day we all decided to go shopping for me and my bro after the shopping we also get our school materials also we’ve decided that me and tonia would be attending the same school while AR and tana would also be attending the same school but me and tonia would be living in hostel so fast forward to the day of resumption dad took us to the principal’s office I guess the principal is dad’s friend they greeted each other the principal help me with every normal things to do at the end of every thing am in js1gold while tonia is in js1 silver though the hostel is a room for a student. The game is just getting started..                                                 watch out for the next episode……..


Source: www.updghana.com/Enzy Pak