Actress, Jasmine Baroudi has threatened to take action against two production houses if they don’t pay her for work she did for them.

In an Instagram post on Friday morning, Jasmine, who has featured in movies like Adams Apples, lamented the shoddy treatment some actors receive at the hands of producers including letting them go to out of the way locations to shoot, not paying for their transportation and not providing food.

The actress also accused producers of discrimination by making full payment to some cast members and refusing to pay others like her what they deserve.

She threatened to expose the production houses if they do not pay her by the end of September and said she would also involve her lawyers should they go ahead to show her in their productions.

In the post, Jasmine wrote:

“Good Mornin. My name is Jasmine Jamila Baroudi, a GHANAIAN actress and I feel appalled and angry with the way some of the #production houses treat some of us.

“I really don’t understand if they think I would wake up early for days, drive to location, sometimes some ridiculously far location to shoot, and mind you, they don’t pay my transport and sometimes the food they even feed us with is questionable only for them to give us excuses when it comes to paying us!!I am not working for free!am I? (sic)


Jasmine is the latest celebrity to take to social media to demand payment for work done.

In July this year, TV presenter and actress, Joselyn Dumas, took organisers of the 3Music Awards to the cleaners on Twitter after they failed to pay her weeks after she hosted the event.

She was unhappy with how they were tossing her about and ranted on Twitter. The matter was later resolved and she was paid her money.

Jasmine is a graduate of the University of Ghana where she studied Psychology. She has starred in movies like Adams Apples, Lost In His Glory, Contract, Double-Cross, Interception and TV Series such as Peep.