Pedestrians who fail to use footbridges where they are available will be fined and jailed, DSP Alexander Kweku Obeng has said.

DSP Kweku Obeng, who is the Director of Research and Training at the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service says, ‘jaywalking law’ will be enforced.

Pedestrians who deliberately refuse to use available footbridges but cross the road indiscriminately will not be spared under the law, he said on Oman FM, Wednesday.


Offenders will be finedGh¢60.00 and serve seven days in jail, DSP Alexander Kweku Obeng has indicated.

Earlier in the day, the National Road Safety Commission [NRSC] visited the newly constructed Madina-Adenta footbridges to inspect work done.

The Executive Director of NRSC, Engineer May Obiri-Yeboah told the media that the much awaited Madina-Adenta footbridges will serve a significant purpose.

According to her, the footbridges will serve the able and disable, the young and old, hence, be seen as such.

Madam Obiri-Yeboah said, spending few minutes to use the footbridges which have been criticised by a section of the public is better than before when there were none and pedestrians had to go through ordeal to cross the roads at the area.