episode 7
‘Kiss you? I don’t understand’ Nelson was stunned by her words. ‘You heard me darling, just come on, I know you’ve been admiring me for a long time, just come and get it,are you shy’? Rose flashed him a seductive smile and began to pull at her buttons. ‘What are you doing’? he asked weakly, as
her full b—–s came into view, they were
really supple and he knew he wasn’t going
to resist.
‘Something you’d like very much, come
closer’ she beckoned to him and he obeyed
like a little child.
She kissed him deeply and led his hands to
her bra, she loved the taste of his mouth,
she hadn’t had any other man apart from
her father, this was the first time she was
kissing another man, and to be honest, it
felt better.
‘Stop, are you sure about this’? Nelson
released her from his grasp.
‘Yes, I like you already’ she stared into his
brown eyes.
‘Alright’ Nelson nodded, praying Helen never
got to know about his affair with Rose.
Minutes later, when they both lay on the
bed, panting like antelopes that had gone
racing, his phone rang and he picked it up.
It was Helen, his heart froze, why was she
calling? He didn’t want Rose to suspect him
and her mum, so he decided to ignore it.
‘Who’s that? You have a girlfriend’? Rose
winked and turned to face him.
‘No’ Nelson smiled. She was really beautiful
he noticed, she was a younger version of her
‘Let me see your phone’ she dragged the
phone from him before he could protest.
‘I can explain…’Nelson licked his lips .
‘Oh, mum? Actually she must be waiting for
you in the garden’ Rose stood up and got
into her dress.
‘Waiting for me’? Nelson raised his brows.
‘Sure, she needs you to take her somewhere,
last I checked you’re still the driver’ she
stormed out of his room.
Nelson stared after her pondering on her
last words, he suddenly felt humiliated, they
just had s-x, yet she still saw him as her
mother’s servant.
He paused and picked his phone, he’d
received a message from the blogger who’d
published the news concerning the alleged
affair of Pastor Ita and his supposed
girlfriend, how this blogger got his number,
he didn’t know.


He was glued to his chair for some minutes,
the strange call he’d received had unsettled
him,he needed to do something about it.
‘I know what you’re doing, it makes me sick
and I’m going to tell’ the words echoed in
his brain.
‘I hope not’ the pastor sighed, he hoped no
one was trying to blackmail him.
‘Goodmorning man of God’ Helen sauntered
into the room, wondering why it had taken
Nelson ages to get himself ready.
‘Morning Helen’ the preacher replied, he had
to act normal, he couldn’t let his wife know
about the caller, that line of thought scared
What if the caller knew about his secret
affair with Rose? He couldn’t tell his wife,
he couldn’t risk her finding out about his
affair with his own biological daughter.
‘You don’t look well’ Helen observed him
from her mirror. Her husband was usually
very cheerful in the mornings, but from the
grim expression on his face, everything
wasn’t alright.
‘I am fine, I just had a revelation from the
lord, it’s troubling me’ he lied.
‘What revelation? Please share it with me’
she was concerned about his wellbieng,
though she had not given up on finding his
secret lover, she was sure he had one.
‘Impending doom, I must go to church today
and organize a fast within the week’ he rose
to his feet.
‘That would be nice’ Helen replied and
quickly fetched her buzzing phone.
‘What’s all these’? Helen smirked as she
clicked on the image of her husband
pecking a girl whose facial features were
‘What’s that’? Pastor It asked curiously.
‘Mark said I shouldn’t believe it, he said I
could trust you’ Helen sighed. Someone that
had access to her number must have sent
her the photo of her husband’s alleged affair
with an unknown woman.
‘This isn’t true,it’s photoshopped, a bit to
tarnish my image, please don’t believe this’
the Pastor was afraid, someone must have
seen them from the hotel. He had been in
the car, kissing his own daughter, but he
couldn’t tell Helen that, as he’d told her he’d
been heading for a meeting.
‘Please be honest with me, I really want to
trust you’ Helen stared deeply into his eyes.
She’d already made her decision to dump
Nelson and stick with her husband.
‘I am honest dear’ He replied and pecked
her forehead.
The house was quiet, Rose was in her room,
Helen and the Pastor had gone out and I
was left alone in the kitchen. The house
was a huge one, I noticed that while
cleaning, but I enjoyed every bit of it, I had
been in the village for years doing nothing, I
loved working.
‘Don’t you ever rest’? Mark strolled into the
kitchen, this was the second time I’d seen
him since he had that argument with his
‘I…I uhmmm, I just want to make sure
everything is in place’ I replied.
‘No, you have to rest, you’ve been working
all day, just take a break, let us go to the
garden’ he walked towards me and took the
kitchen gloves off my fingers.
‘Oh no Mark, this isn’t a good idea’ I
‘I am not asking for your permission’ he
smiled and forced me outside.
‘It’s really beautiful here, so many flowers,
your mum plants well’ I smiled as we took a
seat close to the yellow bells.
‘She didn’t plant them, Grace did’ he quickly
‘Oh, nice, tell me about this your Grace’ I
was curious and confused, I wondered if it
was right for me to show him the note I’d
found in her room.
‘I’ll tell you everything once I’m done with
this call’ Mark rose to his feet.
‘What? Mum where are you guys’? he asked.
From the look on his face, something bad
must have happened, I prayed silently and
hoped no one had died.
‘They just had an accident, dad is seriously
injured’ Mark rushed into the house, leaving
me in a garden of flowers.
I don’t know why, roses weren’t my favorite
flowers, but I was drawn to the pink roses in
Madam Helen’s garden, I walked towards
them and decided to pluck one for myself.
‘Hello beauties’ I inhaled the deep rosy
scent, as I opened my eyes, I found a pearly
necklace on the floor close to me, no one
was looking so I carried it,it was too
beautiful to be left there.
‘Where did you get that’? Mark asked. I
could feel anger in his voice and I froze,
what if he thought me a thief? Did it belong
to him?
‘I just found it here, beneath the roses’ I
‘It belonged to Grace’ he replied.


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