Baba orakwe,s atrocities were becoming
unbearable for the community . He made life
simply unbearable for residents of the
community . The daily quarrel between him and
tenant often threw the community into añ
unusual pandemonium. Their quarrel lasted for
hours and always ran late into night. The noise
would disturb the residents of the community
and many of them sometimes resorted to taking
sleeping tablets in order to catch a good nigh
All these continued for years and efforts at
making baba orakwe responsible proved abortive
. He does not attend community development
meetings and did not live by the outcome of
such meetings even if he was told.
This triggered the leader of the community into
action and he started writing petition to different
government agencies to come to their aid. This
did not yield añ immediate result and the
resident had decided to adapt with the situation
until there was a divine intervention.
Baba orakwe continued living in his usual
lifestyle and nobody cared to advice him since he
had tuned deaf ears to everybody that cared to
do so in the past.
One day, Mrs ademola the single parents who
lived in one of the baba orakwe,s room was
critically ill. Her children ran to different family
members fo financial assistance to hospitalize
their sick mother. Their family members lived up
to expectation and gave them the needed money
and promised to check on her as soon as they
could. While they were trying to get a vehicle to
convey her to the hospital which was almost am
hour journey , Baba orakwe came in and
everybody was surprised . Even the sick woman
could not hide her surprise as it was glaringly
written on her face.. People had taught the man
had come to check on her welfare and they had
expressed their thanks to God that at last. Baba
orakwe was changed for good.
To their utmost amazement , baba orakwe was
for something else.
“” Mrs ademola , are you aware that your rent
has expired today??” baba orakwe asked to the
surprise of everyone.
; Anyway , either you are aware or not. Is not the
issue. The issue is that if you want your
properties to still continued to be in this room ,
you have to pay me today and right now. Just
pay a two years rent and i won’t bother you until
thru next two years, ” baba orakwe said.
There was a complete silence. Everybody
wondered what kind of a heartless human being
baba orakwe was. Or how could someone see a
poor single mother of two at the point of death
and still have the guts to ask for a house rent
which has just expired today? This was
absolutely incredible.
“Baba landlord, why not wait for this woman to
get well before asking her for this her house
rent? Atleast she is not running away neither is
she traveling out of this world, Mrs Jacob who
was often referred to as the chief tenant said.
Even the money for her hospital bill is not yet
complete . We are even thinking of contributing
money to add to the money they have on ground
in order to
Sufficiently carter for her hospital bills.. David ,
the bachelor who had just moved in said.
It’s better for you all to face your problems after
all,, i wasn’t talking to any of you. This woman,s
money expires today and you are asking me to
consider her sickness . Is that what i will eat? If
she leaves today without paying , when do i know
she would ever return? Rather than contribute for
her hospital bills, please contribute for her house
rent,” baba orakwe said.
Her children soon came in to announce that
they’ve gotten a taxi to convey their mother to
the hospital.


The atmosphere was tensed and everybody
seemed helpless. Baba orakwe has promised to
evacuate Mrs ademola,s belongings from the
room if she did not pay her rent that morning .
Mrs ademola managed to speak.
;” biola, how much were you given by my
“mummy, they gave us a hundred thousand and
promised to add more sometimes next week;;
“Oga landlord, please wait till next week while i
use the money with me now for my hospital
bills,, Mrs ademola said.
” You can wait till next week before going to the
hospital . I am collecting my money now and
right here. Baba orakwe said angrily .
“Oga landlord, why don’t you have any human
sympathy at all? Please lets take this woman to
the hospital now before her condition get worse
,, Mr.Jacob persuaded.
Take her to the hospital and her properties will
also follow her to the hospital ,, baba orakwe
OKAY BIOLA, count seventy thousand naira out
of the money and give it to the landlord,, Mrs
ademola said.
;” That’s for how many months? Baba orakwe
“Two years equivalent of twenty four month,”
Mrs ademola answered.
That’s is over my dead body. Have i not told you
that i will increase your rent? Baba orakwe
Oga landlord , even if you want to increase her
rent that should not be now. Please , collect
what she has offered and lets take her to the
hospital,” Mrs Jacob said..
Her monthly rent and likewise every other
persons own has increased from the three
hundred to five hundred thousand naira . She is
paying one hundred and twenty thousand naira
now for two years.”baba orakwe said.
Biola give him the hundred thousand with you.
We will balance you later,” Mrs ademola said
already gasping for breadth .
But mummy how do we pay your hospital bill
then? Biola asked in tears.
“i won’t even collect it until it’s complete ,” baba
orakwe said..
;” Biola pleas give him the money, i know my
God will provide another source and he will
surely fight for me,” Mrs ademola said in tears.
;” i will borrow her twenty thousand naira to
complete the money.. David said running to his
room to get the money.
Baba orakwe counted the money and made to
He was stopped by David who insisted that he
must issue the receipt immediately , he issued
the receipt and David handed it over to biola
who kept it somewhere in her mothers wardrobe.
Mrs ademola condition has worsened and she
was immediately rushed to the hospital