The wind was strong and the night was cold.
Somehow baba orakwe,s compound had been
usually quite and the resident wondered what
could be responsible . Baba orakwe itself was
sleeping and so was his entire household. Some
of the tenant had been flocking to see Mrs
ademola at the hospital and to their utmost
surprise she had never been treated for almost
two days that she had been admitted in the
hospital . Since baba orakwe has collected the
money that she was supposed to pay as hospital
bill for his rent , the children had been helpless .
They ran to the mothers family members again
and one of them had asked them to come later
in the evening for the money . The doctors had
required that she deposite fifty thousand naira
before they could start to administer treatments
on her.
That fateful evening. Biola had gone to her
mothers elder brothers and luckily for her. Her
uncle had given her seventy thousand naira and
also promise to go with her to the hospital.
As they drove into the hospital, they met junior,
biola,s younger brother who was told to always
stay with their mother in case she needed
anything or needed someone to talk with outside
crying on top of his voice. When asked why, he
simply cried the more.
Biola and her uncle ran to her mothers ward .
They discovered the woman was already covered
from head to toe . She was dead.
When the news of Mrs ademola death reached
baba orakwe,s compound , the silence broke into
wails of cry. The cry was so disturbing that
people knew it was not a fight r quarrel that was
the cause . They knew something terrible might
have happened and they came to find out. Truly
to there intuition, something terrible had indeed
happened and they also joined to carry out the
crying exercise. Successful sent añ innocent
woman to her early grave? Mr Jacob barked
angrily .


;what do you mean? Baba orakwe asked ,
Mrs ademola has just been confirmed dead this
evening and that is because of your cruel
attitude towards her,, Mr Jacob snapped back.
HOW?” baba orakwe,s asked in pretence .
“Now you are asking how. If you had allowed
them to use the money they gave you as house
rent for her hospital bill, i am very sure she
would still be alive by now,” David barked at him.
“Anyway, this is not the to campaign after the
elections had been concluded . All i can say is
that may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace,;
he said and returned to his quarters . Locking
the door behind him.
The tenants wailed deep into the night and
prayed that God should fight for the dead and
carter for the living.
About a month after the incident , Mrs ademola,s
children moved to live with their uncle. The uncle
intentionally locked the door with another key till
the time the rent would expire. He greeted
everyone and thanked them for their support for
his late sister . He specially thanked David and
refunded the twenty thousand he had borrowed
her late sister for the rent.
IT was an election year and a new
Governor and chairman had been elected in the
state. The new governor had mandate his
cabinet members to attend to all petitions and
treated such urgently. He said he had promised
to make life worth living for all the electorates
during his electioneering and he was determined
to fulfil his promises.
The leaders of the rural communities were
contacted and were asked to state the urgent
needs for their communities. The leader of God,s
favour community where baba orakwe resided
had stated pipe borne water , security ,
education, transformation, electricity, good and
accessible roads among other things as their
priority .
To the surprise of many , within two months
various government workers had stormed Gods
favour community, some were busy with the
fixing of pipe borne water, while others were
building houses to be used for hospital and
schools. In a matter of six months , most of the
projects were completed and commissioned by
the new governor .
The community now boasted for good roads, pipe
borne water, a hospital , school, improved electric
power supply and the government had planned to
build a police station also in the community to
ensure the security of lives and properties , it
was indeed a new dawn and everyone was
because in the past six months now, his water
business had stopped as residents of the
community now enjoy free and hygienic water
from the government . The pipes were well
circulated and it reached majority of the
residents of Gods favor community. He cursed
the governor for blocking his business and
prayed seriously that things should return to how
it was…