Soon , his boys arrived in their military vehicle and made straight for baba orakwe,s house. He
had instructed them to leave the new tenant who was innocent of what had been happening in the
house . He said the loads in Mrs ademola,s room were useless since her children had picked
majority of what they wanted . He said he had intentionally left the loads in the room because
he knew one day baba orakwe would do something funny and that was when he would
show him his true colour. The military vehicle soon arrived and everybody
ran for their lifes. The officers who were fully armed came down from the vehicle and arrested
baba orakwe . He was handcuffed and dragged to the vehicle.
To his amazement , the residents danced and even encourage the military men to be harder on
him . Nobody showed him mercy or volunteered to reach his people . He was driven away to the
cheers of crowd who has now gathered. It was at this moment that baba orakwe realize
he had really been a wicked man. He wished he could turn back the hands of time and amend his


Even when his children were contacted , they had been reluctant to go because of the way
their father treated them and their mothers. It was when mama ifeanyi returned from her
overseas trip that she begged her children to check on him. She was completely cured and
had now transformed back to the beautiful woman that she was . She said ño matter what ,
baba orakwe was still their father and rejecting him now would mean paying evil with evil .
Mrs ademola,s brother had warned his boys not to beat or maltreat baba orakwe . He said he
only wanted him to regret his actions and turn a new life. He promised to release him as soon as
any of his family members surfaced . Baba orakwe was soon released . He thanked the
man whom he described as very rare among the military. He openly regretted all his actions in the
past and promised to make amend if only the people whom he had once treated with evil
allowed him. His wives were begged to return to his house and they obliged . He was particularly
grateful to mama ifeanyi whom he had been very callous to during her infirmity. He reconciled with
his children and promised to live henceforth as a responsible father…


Source: www.updghana.com/Enzy Pak