UN Youth Ghana is a civil society organization that models the UN Agenda on Youth, Peace & Security, promotes the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS and Resolution 2250.

The organization has branches in all the sixteen regions and clubs on almost all campuses and most communities. UN Youth Ghana liases with partners to organize activities to draw the youth together and educate them on peace and SECURITY. The organization also celebrates UN recognition days on the United Nations Calendar.


For the past one year, the best executive volunteer member that has ensured that all departments are working and have doubled up his task to ensure smooth operations in all departments is Actor Goodwill Ambassador Patrick Safo. When it comes to work, he is selfless. He is seen moderating events, arranging chairs and auditoriums for activities, assists various departmental heads and present at all meetings, courtesy calls and occasionally travels across the country to promote the core mandate of UN Youth Ghana.


As an Evangelist, Patrick Safo exhibits godliness through the act of giving by mobilizing other Ambassadors and going on the streets to feed street children.

Today we say ayooo, well done to Goodwill Ambassador Patrick Safo. Continue the good work and know that we are watching you and very much proud of you.